Handsfree Bungee Dog Leash

Handsfree Bungee Dog Leash

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Our Hands Free Bungee Dog Leash features Zero Shock technology, a shock absorbing component that dramatically reduces strain and pull for both pooch and owner.

This awesome dog leash utilises soft touch webbing and an XL neoprene handle for comfort. Ideal for walking and jogging with your doggy, this bungee dog leash is one of the very best dog leashes around and it’s a pleasure to use!

Key Benefits

  • Shock reduction improves control and eases pressure
  • Highly reflective threads provide greater visibility at night
  • Comfort and durability with a fully neoprene-lined handle
  • Great for running, walking or hiking

Our Customers ❤️ The Handsfree Bungee Dog Leash

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Long, durable dog-running/walking leash

I don't personally have dogs but I dog sit A LOT. This is great for walking/running with dogs. There's a nice pouch to carry your items. It's easy to use and I liked how long it is. I wasn't sure about the idea of being connected to a dog like that, but I love it! Highly recommending it to my dog-owning friends & family!

This is an absolute like savor.

This is an absolute like savor. I take my dog on long and short walks every day with this. I have an 11 pound silky terrier and she gets into EVERYTHING and this bungee allows me to pull her back from under the bushes with ease LOL!! Belle is my fist rescue pet and she is very inquisitive and had to stop and smell all of the rose's, chase every cat, squirrel and bird. I just don't have to worry any more and I love it !!

This is such a great idea! We love walking the dog but it's ...

his is such a great idea! We love walking the dog but it's a pain sometimes when I have to carry scooping bags and my phone and hold the leash. Our dog also pulls a bit and it can leave me feeling some pain in my back and shoulder. This hands free product solves all those problems. I can carry bags and my phone and treats and my keys AND not have to hold the leash. It really helps me to control the pace too from my waist. My son loves it too and we both have been walking the dog a lot more thanks to this. What a great idea!

What a difference!

This hands free running leash has made a world of a difference. I highly recommend investing in this item. It helps make life so much easier. No more having to figure out where to put my belongings and having to hold the leash the duration of my walk and/or run. Plus, no more worrying about how to go about untangling the leash. More than happy with this purchase.

Great for those who run / hike with their dogs

Bought this to take my dog on some runs- worked well and it was great to have my hands free

Great for training!

I love this leash for training my puppy! I love that I can detach it from the waist and hold onto it as necessary. I also like that it stretches only so far and my puppy senses that she won't get much further. Now when I walk her, she doesn't like it to start "stretching" so she stays close to me and heels really well. The stretching kind of gives her a warning, so that seems more pleasant than getting snapped back. Very happy with the quality of this leash, and it is the best one I have ever owned...very versatile!

Now hubs can take both dogs on his runs!

My husband takes our dogs running. Since it is too difficult with two leashes, he alternates which dog he goes runnin with. I bought him What I call the fanny pack leash and now he takes both running. He attaches our 40 lb Australian Kelpie to it with no issues. It is elastic like a bungee cord so it absorbs shock and you also don’t have to worry about tripping over the leash when there is slack. I love the bright color with reflective strips since it makes them more visible!

Easy to use

This is such a fabulous leash and running belt combined! Last time I went running with my dog, he went on one side of the lightpole when I had gone on the other, and the leash on my wrist left a big bruise! I know I should have been more careful, and I will be in the future, but it made me realize how annoying it is to hold the leash and try to run with my arms pumping equally. I had seen others in the area I run in with the leash attached to the belt, and I had thought about just putting looping my running belt through the handle of my leash, but I felt like that would be too long (which is another thing I really needed - a shorter leash for running).j The leash with this is cool because it is not too long, but also stretches some, and is completely usable on its own. I also liked that there are separate pockets with different closures on the belt. I tucked the obligatory poop bag into the small one with velcro and was able to whip it out when needed without worrying about my phone falling out or taking the time to unzip a pocket. I'm so glad I got this!