Double Bowl (Slow Feeder)
Double Bowl (Slow Feeder) Double Bowl (Slow Feeder) Double Bowl (Slow Feeder)

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"I really love this double dog bowl it really helps my baby yorkie. She would eat so fast she would choke and get sick. It is such a relief not having to worry about her getting choked anymore. Awesome!"
– Isela Double Bowl (Slow Feeder) customer

Dogs are known for gobbling up their food, they eat hastily which makes them choke leading to indigestion and dyspepsia. Since you can’t be around to feed your fur-baby, our Double Bowl are here to help you! This multi functional dog feeder is designed to prevent your dogs from taking mouth-full of food. The bowl has plastic studs that cover most of its surface area and allow only little quantity of food to be taken up during feeding time. The studs help to make the bowl look fuller and allow portion control for obese and sick dogs. Also, the stainless steel bowl works as water bowl. It has a stainless-steel lining that can be removed for cleaning purposes. The stainless steel can be taken out to use the second bowl as a feeding bowl for another dog.

Key Benefits

  • Ensures Slower Feeding Time
  • Helps Reduce Unwanted Behavior
  • Non-Skid
  • Unique Design
  • Easy to Use and Clean