Double Dog Bowl
Double Dog Bowl Double Dog Bowl Double Dog Bowl

Double Dog Bowl

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Our double dog bowl is specifically designed to prevent your petite pooch from gobbling their food up too quick and harming themselves. Ideal for people who are too busy to stick around every time their pooch needs to eat, this slow eating dog bowl is super safe and hygienic.

The plastic studs in the food bowl allow just a small amount to be taken up by your doggy with each mouthful, making for a more controlled feed.

Engineered for dogs with a need for portion control, such as obese and sick poochies, this dog bowl also features a stainless steel dog bowl that’s easy to remove.

Key Benefits

  • Ensures Slower Feeding Time
  • Helps Reduce Unwanted Behavior
  • Non-Skid
  • Unique Design
  • Easy to Use and Clean

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