Why we started

We started Conscious Pets because we came across a problem in the dog market when trying to to buy a product for Milo.

Milo unfortunately has quite bad allergies and he needed something to protect his feet when he went on walks. The problem was we searched and searched but couldn't find anything suitable to solve the problem. So we decided to have our own foot protection manufactured which we called the Milo Boot!

After this long ordeal I realised there must be other dog owners suffering from similar problems so I decided to but the Milo Boot in to production and Conscious Pets was born.

What we do

At Conscious pets our target with every product we release is to make dogs around the world happier and healthier.

After our ordeal with the Milo boot we want to make it easier for dog owners around the world to get safe and suitable products for their dogs needs

We were tired or unsafe and untested products so everything we sell at Conscious pets has been tested by Milo and approved

Our Goal

When we started Conscious Pets we set ourselves a goal of making 1 million dogs across the globe happier and healthier by 2020.

We are on target to achieve this incredible goal and have just crossed our first milestone with 50,000 orders