Car Window Security Gate
Car Window Security Gate Car Window Security Gate

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"Works great! My dogs have never tried to jump out of the window, this just gives me piece of mind. Helps tremendously!"
–J. Chenault Car Window Security Gate customer

Having the windows up in the car can be very dangerous for your doggy especially if you are leaving them alone but having the window down means your dog can jump out!

The Doggy Window solves this problem allowing you to have your window down when traveling or leaving your dog in the car.

The clever design means the gate fits most window sizes and how far the window goes down is up to you!

This is a Conscious Pets must have item because of how much it can affect for dogs comfort and happiness when traveling.

Key Benefits

  • Allows vital airflow to your dog when in the car
  • Protects your dog from jumping out the window
  • Easy fit and adjust