Why the traditional dog bed could be causing your dog anxiety

The traditional dog bed is just like a human bed: it’s flat, soft and comfortable to lie on - perfect for dogs right?

Maybe not…
Recent studies have suggested that traditional dog beds may be causing dogs anxiety and unease.
Here’s why

Dogs are very different from us, they are primarily pack animals and their emotions and actions are dominated by instincts. They are still a wild animal!

A dog's primary concern is safety from danger and the time that they feel most exposed is when they sleep! In the wild, dogs will sleep in a hole, a cave or under a tree because these places offer them some sort of protection and safety.

But a dog bed is flat and offers your dog no sense of protection!

So really our dog beds should look more like caves or holes and should offer our dogs protection from all sides.
Leaving our dogs to sleep with no protection may be causing anxiety issues especially if they sleep alone.

So why not create a bed that mimics the kind of protection a hole or cave would offer your dog in the wild?
At Conscious pets, we did just that and we named it the Milo Snug
A warm safe space to keep your dog protected when they feel most vulnerable


The Snug

The most important aspect of your dog's bed is safety.
We took this ideology when we designed the Milo Snug to create a truly safe place for dogs.
You can find out more information and pick up your own Milo Snug by clicking below
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