Rare And Interesting Dog Breeds - The Tibetan Mastiff

About the Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is an extremely large breed of dog that originates from Tibet, China and Mongolia.

The Large dog has been used as a guard dog for shepherd's flocks for hundreds of years and still to this day is used to protect herds from wolves, mountain leopards, and even tigers!

As you can see from the photo above these are large dogs covered in extremely long and thick fur perfect for the cold Himalayan landscape they originate from.

Tibetan Mastiff Personality

There is no doubt that the personality of this breed can be challenging at times. He is an extremely intelligent and proud breed which leads to him wanting to be treated more like a human than a dog!

Due to his heritage as a guard dog the Tibetan Mastiff has a strong sense of loyalty to his owner and takes his job as the family protector very seriously. It is important that the Tibetan Mastiff is exposed to new people and dogs frequently throughout his early life to reduce the risk of territorial aggression.

Overall the Tibetan Mastiff is a clever, loyal and proud dog who demands respect but is also keen to please his master.

History Of The Tibetan Mastiff

The Viceroy of India was the first to import the Tibetan Mastiff into Europe in 1847. Two were brought over to England and gifted to Queen Victoria.

Over the next 100 years more Tibetan Mastiffs were brought to Europe gradually and in 1931 the first Tibetan Mastiff breeders club was established.

However, breeding of almost all dogs ceased over World War 2 due to food rationing and it wasn't until now 1976 that the breeding and importing of the Tibetan Mastiff started to pick up again  

The Tibetan Mastiffs journey to the USA was somewhat similar with the first two dogs being gifted to the president in the late 1950's

A breeding club was also established in the USA and in 2007 the Tibetan Mastiff was officially recognized as a member of the working dog's group.